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You will find here documents to download in order to simplify things before you come and dive in Martinique. 

Initiation dive form : this allows you to inform the club of your state of health knowing that no medical certificate is needed for an initiation dive. You will find here all the important information required before participating in this enriching experience! 

Medical questionnaire: a document that lets you dive temporarily when you don’t yet have a medical certificate or of it has expired (over a year old). Outside of initiation dives, Espace Plongée Martinique dive club requires the presentation of a medical certificate. 

Medical certificate: an official document from the Federation Française d’Etudes et de Sports Sous Marins (French government agency that regulates underwater sports). The medical certificate should be authorised by a federal doctor specialising in hyperbaric or underwater activities if you are completing the qualifications from Level 2 onwards. In all other cases, your family doctor can provide the medical certificate. 

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