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Martinique, a dive destination! 

The South-Western Caribbean coast is rich in amazing underwater dive sites. Coral reefs, the famous Rocher du Diamant, or even the Nahoon shipwreck are the playgrounds we offer for our half-day dives. We will also help you discover the sites on the North Caribbean coast during our full day excursions. 

With sea temperatures of 28 degrees all year round, exceptional visibility and above all a magical seabed populated with rampant, varied, colourful and exotic flora and fauna…in short, ideal conditions for unforgettable dives! 

Martinique is composed of three dive areas, situated along the ‘downwind’ coast in the Caribbean sea. Visibility of around 40 metres horizontally allows you to appreciate the beauty of the seabed. The Atlantic side is not commonly explored, with only one centre offering trips in this area, which are often troubled with difficult weather conditions. 

Les Anses d'Arlet 

 covered in white sand and abundant vegetation offers beautiful sites, accessible to all levels. In blue on the map. 

In the South

with its large coral reefs will blind you with a technicolor spectacle, from its luminosity, rocks emerging from the water and the variety of tropical fish that live off Martinique’s coast. Not forgetting the famous Rocher du Diamant…in green on the map. 

In the North

famous for its reefs and its historic wrecks, offers us volcanic sand and very special sites. In orange on the map.


Faille de l'Anse Noir

Situated between Anse Noir and Anse Dufour, the dive takes place along a reef from 0 to 20m. The access to the hole is at a depth of 3m. Speciality: it’s in the open air.

Depth: 0 to 20m Minimum level: Level 0

Anse 3 Airs

Relief composed of rocks and corals from 0 to 12m. Speciality of this site: a small cargo wreck which rests from 3 to 11m from the seabed. Various fish: lizardfish, angelfish, cuttlefish…

Depth: 0 to 12m Minimum level: Level 0 

Anse Dufour

Entering the water at Anse Dufour, skirting round the Pointe Dufour, the dive takes place along a reef from 0 to 25m, finishing in an area of 5 to 10m. The reef connecting the two coves is composed of piles of rocks offering sheltered havens appreciated by turtles and jellyfish. Ideal for drift diving, there is often a small current. French angelfish and big puffer fish are often found around here.

Depth: 0 to 25m Minimum level: Level 0

Pointe de la Baleine

The clear water, allowing visibility of 25m, is a real treat. It is rare that the current is strong enough to disturb divers. The abundance of marine worms is a feast for the eyes. Numerous species of sea worms will amaze you when they spread out their plumes. The seafloor descends down a smooth gradient to a depth of 20 metres. There isn’t a reef, but a collection of huge corals embellished with gorgons, sponges… it could easily be called Turtle Point! Even on your first dive, it’s not unlikely you’ll come across one. They come to lay eggs not far from here. The dive site resembles two drops of water with green decoration. Large piles of rocks form a small reef finishing on a sand plateau. Here there is fixed fauna that biology fans will appreciate. Large African pompano appear at the end of the day. 

Depth: 0 to 25m Minimum level: Level 0

L'épave du Nahoon

Opposite the Pointe de la Baleine, it’s a three master ship that is 35m in length, which you can discover at a depth of 36m, perched upright in front of you. We can access it thanks to a being attached towards the bow and linked to the surface with a buoy. This boat was sunk specifically for divers in 1994, which enables you discover the wreck completely safely on a large sand plateau! It is in a very good state, and has already been colonised by flora and fauna. This jewel is a compulsory highway for barracudas, angelfish, crabs, Javanese eels, lobsters, king mackerel, salmon et above all an extraordinary atmosphere. Magnificent during night dives. Depth: 36m Minimum level:

Level 2-PE40 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive. 

La Piscine de Salomon

Journey along the rock piles that adorn the length of the coast and you will enjoy scenery that is rich in colour. A shoal of African pompano with large eyes, sedentary grey snappers, parrot fish, lobsters and turtles will bring happiness to even beginner divers. The accessible cave offers an extra attraction for this dive. Two large spider crabs have chosen to make this their home. A beautiful dive to discover whilst drift diving.

Depth: 0 to 30m Minimum Level: Level 0. 

La grotte de Salomon

This is a natural cave that is found at a depth of 3 metres from the surface, and a few metres from the Point de Salomon. Once inside the cave, you can meet the little arrow crabs and the hatchet fish that live here. Looking outwards from within the cave, you have the extraordinary impression of finding yourself in front of a giant cinema screen.

Depth: 0 to 20m Minimum level: Level 0 

La pointe de Salomon

Just north of Grand Anse, one of the most popular areas in the South of Martinique. This little reef with irregular contours is planted with gorgons and sponges. We dive on a sort of staircase of coral, which descends progressively to 25-30 metres. We find a high concentration of eels in this area, undoubtedly thanks to certain currents which bring nutrients with them. It is not unusual to come across turtles nearby.

Depth: 0-40m Minimum level: Level 0 

Les jardins de Salomon

This is comprised of 3 dive sites: just a few metres from the Pointe de Salomon, you will discover a garden formed of gorgons, sponges, corals…It’s a place that is suitable for novice divers or children’s first underwater experiences. Then the reef materialises into a plateau going down to 25m. A true underwater garden. There is a mix of multi-coloured corals and sponges; all inhabited by a variety of impressive Sardinian, parrot, royal angel, trigger, mackerel and spotted fish which reside in this setting where colour and visibility bring pleasure to novices and experienced divers alike. All the turtles you could wish for.

Depth: 0- 20m Minimum level: Level 0 

L'arbre mort

A sublime plateau filled with sponges, lots of colour and rich in eels, lobsters, coral fish…. Excellent for beginners, photographers, and lovers of underwater biology. This dive isn’t very deep, which allows you to spend time underwater roaming around this tropical garden. Very well-lit dive.

Depth: 0-20m Minimum level: Level 0

La pointe de la Lézarde

Rocky cliff made up of faults, sheltering numerous species such as scorpionfish, lobsters, frogfish, nudibranches, seahorses…Due to its sheltered and calm coast, this site is suited to beginners, the colours of the water at the surface and the green decoration only serves to embellish this place. A shoal of squid is almost always at sea level, offering a colourful spectacle. In April and May fish lava arrive to brighten up the dive even more.

Depth: 0-30 Minimum level: Level 0 

La crique Abricot

A well protected cove, ideal for beginners but also for lovers of underwater biology; this site is overflowing with riches…

Depth: 0-25m Minimum level: Level 0

Les petites et les grandes Jorasses

Extension of the Burgos reef. It has the appearance of a massive mountain in clear and warm water, made up of large circles of white sand, offering a spectacle worthy of the title of one of the most beautiful dives in Martinique. An immense shoal of African pompano overlook this mountain range, whilst turtles, king mackerels and stingrays bring joy to experienced divers. Far from the coast, the site is exposed to currents, meaning that it’s not accessible to everyone. Depth: 18-60m Minimum level:

Level 1- PE20 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive. 

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Le Rocher du Diamant

Diamant (Le Rocher)

Beautiful dive in the South, which we organise once a week. Very beautiful faults with bright light in 18m of water, magnificent reefs for advanced divers. Coral plateaus…

Depth: 0-60m Minimum level: Level 0 

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Cap enragé

Chain of little canyons between 15m and the surface, it offers you rich flora and fauna (good sized ‘duster’ gorgons) Biology and photography fans will be captivated. As many stonefish, angelfish, eels, shells and turtles as you could wish for.

Depth: 0-25m Minimum level: Level 0

Cap tranquille

As the name suggests, this dive is calm and rich at the same time. A pretty excursion among barrel sponges, gorgons, turtles and coral fish. Even the experienced lovers of deep dives come back to the surface enchanted after more than an hour diving in this unique environment. Beautiful drifting dive.

Depth: 0-20m Minimum level: Level 0

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre LE DALHIA

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Dalhia

A minesweeper that sunk by 30m in 1930, 100m away from Saint Pierre’s old pontoon. You can see the Diamant wreck around 50m away. A superposition of metal sheets are occupied by numerous fish, such as cardinalfish, sergeants, soleil-caille… Depth: 30m Minimum level:

Level 2-PE40 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre L'Amélie du raisinier

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Le Raisinier

Barge turned over on the seabed, we can see its framework positioned on a sandy seaved and creating a shelter for many coral fish. Good light levels, a multitude of colours. Accessible to beginners.

Depth: 10m Minimum level: Level 0 

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre LE DIAMANT

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Le Diamant

A tugboat at -30m, sunken upsidedown, 100m to the left of the old pontoon. Here you can see very colourful fauna on a seabed of volcanic sand. The front has been ripped open and the superstructures have been covered by flora.

Depth: 30m Minimum level: Level 2 – PE40 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre Le Roraïma

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Le Roraïma

(called ‘with white hair’ according to the Commander Cousteau due to the algae that covers it) Following the eruption of Montagne Pelée in 1902, this 110m English steamboat with a steel hull that was anchored to the pontoon of Saint Pierre burned for 3 days before sinking 50m to the seabed. It is certainly the prettiest wreck, and an unbeatable dive for experienced divers. You can explore almost all of it, but it is better to be guided by an instructor who knows it well, to truly benefit from the richness of this spectacle. A plaque was positioned for its centenary on the 8th May 2002.

Depth: 50m Minimum level: Level 3-PE60 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre Le Tamaya

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Le Tamaya

Not an amateur dive…

Depth: 85

Les épaves de la baie de Saint Pierre La Theresa Lo Vi

Famous Saint Pierre wrecks: Theresa Lo Vi

A wooden sailboat, which probably sank during the Mont Pelee eruption. The hull is broken into many pieces, offering a view of its goods, which have remained intact.

Depth: 35m Minimum level: Level 2 or PE40.  It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

La Coucoune

Coucoune (La) ou Tombant de la Pointe Lamarre

Plateau starting at 12m below the surface, finishing at around 50m. A magnificent vertical wall is sunk from -12 to -35m, decorated with a rich flora made up of gorgons, spirographs and multi-coloured sponges, which give this dive a very particular charm. Not forgetting its sanddune covered with colonies of garden eels that offer a breathtaking spectacle. We can also see leopard rays here.

Depth: 12-50 Minimum level: Level 1 – PE12 – PE20.  It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

Rivière claire Nord

Riviere claire Nord

Chain of three huge rocks dropping towards the open sea and leaving a dive site between 3 and 35 metres. It is also a beautiful dive for beginners. A large variety of coralfish, pufferfish, sergeant majors, sponges and magnificent corals. You can also find seahorses. A drifting dive is the best way to enjoy the beauty that this dive offers us.

Depth: 0-35 Minimum Level: Level 0 

La Citadelle

Citadelle (La)

Between Belleville cove and the Abymes, a coral plateau between 10 and 25 metres, composed of a vertical reef leaving an absolutely beautiful viewpoint. Lobsters, turtles, king mackerals…its volcanic coast offers a fabulous spectacle.

Depth: 0-50m Minimum Level: Level 0 

Les Canyons de Babod(r)y

Canyons de Babody Nord (Les)

Canyons that are perpendicular to the coast form a real playground for advanced divers. We will be happy to share our experience of the site.

Depth: 15-60m Minimum level: N1 – PE20  It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

Le récif du Sous-Marin

Recif du sous marin Nord

Seen from the surface, this reef ressembles an underwater kiosque coming out of the water. Viewed from below, it’s a chain of canyons, galleries, chimneys, caves and passageways filled with unusual fish and Brazilian lobsters. Here we also find a multitude of turtles. Sometimes there is a bit of a swell, but it remains accessible and idyllic.

Depth: 0-20m Minimum level: Level 0 

La Perle de Martinique

Ilet la Perle (L’)

Volcanic rock 2800m from the coast, made up of reefs between 20 and 60 metres. This dive is rich in fish, you can see barracudas, shoals of hundreds of African pompano, loaches, parrot fish…and magnificent flora. This site is not often frequented by divers, due to it being so far away from dive centres, which gives it an extra charm. There can be a strong current.

Depth: 0-60m Minimum level: Level 1 – PE12 – PE20 It is possible to complete these levels with us, giving you access to this dive.

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