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From beginner to experienced diver, alone or in a group, Espace Plongée Martinique offers all dive possibilities: discovery, training, independence…For a half-day or full day, on all of the Caribbean coast. 



Your very first dive 

Your doorway into the wonderful world of underwater diving!

Join us aboard one of our comfortable boats to discover the extraordinary underwater sites of Anses d’Arlet. From the very first few metres of immersion, coral fish, turtles and multi-coloured sponges will be your companions in this aquatic exploration. One instructor per person allows personalised attention during this dive down to 6 metres (in line with French regulation). The initiation dive is accessible to everyone from the age of 8 years; you don’t even need to know how to swim. You will come back with your initiation certificate and with lots of beautiful images in your mind!  

The discovery package

180 €

To go a bit further 

Three dives, including the initiation and 2 exploration dives (Organised on 3 half-days of your choice)


When we love something, we stop counting

We have a number of packages for certified divers, ranging from 3 to 15 dives with regressive tariffs. (Find more information about these bundles on the ‘prices’ page.)

Full day in the North : 136€

(156€ for non-certified divers)

A fun and sociable trip to discover dive sites on the North Caribbean coast.

This day includes 2 dives, a meal in a restaurant and various snacks and drinks on the boat. On the programme:

  • Breakfast on board, often with dolphins to accompany us

  • RORAIMA Shipwreck (Level 3 minimum) or reef in the North of St Pierre

  • Aperitif on the way to Carbet 

  • Meal at the restaurant ‘Chez les Pecheurs’ on the beach

  • Afternoon dive just off the Cap Enragé for everyone

  • Fruit platter and open bar on the return journey


PE12 : 253€

First certification in 3 dives 

The PE12 (Qualified Diver to 12m) allows you, in only 3 dives (after the initiation), to obtain your first certification. You will be trained to descend down to 12 metres with an instructor.

Level 1

 460 €

The first real scuba diving level 

In 6 technical dives (after the initiation) you can then access up to 20 metres depth with an instructor. Level 1 offers you relaxation and enjoyment during the dives. The training will give you the keys to use your personal dive equipment (fins, mask, regulator, vest…) incrementally, from the surface down to 20m in the last dives. This is a relatively easy level because the Level 1 diver is always accompanied by an instructor who manages the navigation, the decompression (safety stops), the oxygen usage and all the little problems that can arise during the dive.

The diver just has to manage their buoyancy, their movement and tell the instructor if everything’s ok or not! 

Level 1 is valid for life; however after a long break from diving, it is recommended to do a refresher with an attentive instructor. 

Level 2


The highest level for the amateur diver 

In a minimum of 10 dives (after Level 2), Level 3 allows you complete independence up to a depth of 60 metres. 

Level 3

620 €

The highest level for the amateur diver 

In a minimum of 10 dives (after Level 2), Level 3 allows you complete independence up to a depth of 60 metres. 


Each to their own progression

From a dive novice to becoming an instructor, we offer the whole range of training. 

Special Dives

Initiation in a swimming pool, dives for children, disabled-friendly dives, night dives, snorkelling.

Free initiation in the swimming pool 

Taking the first step

Everyday free initiations in a swimming pool are offered at 11.45 in the Club Lookea CARAYOU.

For beginners, this is an opportunity to discover diving and familiarise yourself with the equipment. This initiation allows you to learn to breathe under water, completely safely, with a tank of air; the future diver is often very surprised by how easily they can breathe underwater! 

The novice diver can then directly carry out their first dive in the sea, accompanied by their instructor. 

Dives for childrens

For the little ones 

You can dive from the age of 8, in accordance with current government standards. The equipment is adapted to the body shape and size of each child. Depending on the age and competence of each child, they can gain different certificates: bronze, silver and gold diver. From the age of 12, with a medical certificate, the child can complete their Level 1. From the age of 10, they can complete the Open Water Junior PADI.


30 €

Total simplicity 

A snorkelling excursion to discover our magnificent seabed from the surface. 

Snorkeling with an instructeur

Fin-mask-snorkel trip with an instructor to guide you and discover our magnificent underwater world from the surface.

50 €


From groups of 10 divers, you can profit from a promotional price. You can organise a personalised programme with either a day in the North, a dive at Le Diamant, a night dive, shipwrecks, reefs…


Trips for dive clubs or groups of friends in Martinique 

You no doubt regularly carry out group trips for diving, training, leisure time or other things, but have you thought about discovering tropical waters?

The temperature of the water fluctuates between 27 and 29 degrees with only a small difference between the seabed and the surface, and the visibility is incomparable to metropolitan waters. 

The clear conditions, the richness of the seabed and the pleasant temperature of the water make Martinique a dream destination for this type of trip, with all the safety standards relating to practicing in French territory.  


Boat hire

For groups of experienced divers and club trips, we can offer our approved boat for 25 people, with a licensed driver and dive supervisor. The dive equipment can be left on board. Hiring the boat includes tanks and weights. On request, we can look into the possibility of providing stabilisers, wetsuits, regulators and perhaps even other smaller boats. 

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